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Wrap-Around, Bypass and East-West, The Hottest Trending Engagement Ring Styles

Couples in the search of engagement, promise, and commitment rings want to express their unique individuality, but at the same time, they want to find a timeless ring style that could also go with any outfit. Wrap-around, bypass and east-west settings have caught the attention of most decerning modern couples looking to express their sense of style with a more personal and unique engagement ring.

These ring styles are not new, but they are clearly the hottest styles today. There is no denying that many women, even men desire individuality and sophisticated elegance. Couples are no longer looking for jewelry to keep in the vault, but pieces they can wear every day, and any of these ring styles express what they are looking for.

Here are the distinctions of these hottest unconventional styles of rings:

Wrap Around Engagement Ring

Wrap-around engagement rings are a single length band that coils around the finger from a single loop to as many and as randomly as a vine around a tree. This ring style could hold multiple stones and are usually preferred by couples who would like to incorporate both of their birthstones or birthstones that would represent everyone in their combined family to give the ring a more sentimental meaning.

Wrap around rings have a broad appeal and is featured even by famed jewelers around the world at every price point.

Bypass Engagement Ring

Bypass engagement rings were popular during the Victorian era. This style of ring setting is characterized by a band that overlaps and part, rather than forming one simple continuous line like the wrap-around style. Bypass rings are sought after because of its distinctive style. As with wrap-around engagement rings, bypass set rings can hold many different shapes and colorful gemstones to create unique and sentimental rings.

The more traditional or vintage bypass styles symbolize two souls coming together in a union. This style also represents individuality and fluidity.

East-West Engagement Ring

Classic gemstone cuts such as emerald, pear, marquise, and oval are given a fresh perspective by simply turning the stone on its side. Traditionally, these stone cuts are positioned on the ring with the narrow tips pointing up and down or north and south direction. By placing them on the side, the tips point east and west, hence the name. Couples who are looking for designs that are pure and simple love this style because it’s different and clean, without having to add any frills to make the ring interesting. It’s more casual and perfect for couples who want something unique but don’t want to stray too far from the traditional solitaire ring. Giving the stone a horizontal treatment gives it a more modern feel without being too trendy. The sleek, minimalist style of this ring appeals to many men who want to wear a gemstone but prefer a more understated look.

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