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Why should I consider Moissanite instead of any other gemstones for my Engagement Ring?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

After the question "Is Moissanite a type of Diamond?" This is the second question we're most asked about. Why Moissanite?

Naturally occurring Moissanite is a very rare and hard mineral. The first deposit of this mineral was found in a meteor crater over 100 years ago. According to the GIA, there have only been 2,500 tiny crystals of Moissanite (4.1 mm or less) that have been found on the Earth's crust in a span of 14 years. Nowadays, Moissanite used in jewelry have all been lab-created....and this is where most discussions start. Will Moissanite become as valuable as diamond over time? Is it a good investment? Is it something I could pass down to my family as a piece of heirloom jewelry? Why is it frowned upon by jewelry connoisseurs?

"First things first...diamond or any other naturally occurring gemstones are NEVER a good investment for your portfolio."

Unless you are looking to buy a diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald) or any other gemstones that have a name (Koh-I-Noor diamond, The Start of India Sapphire or The Carmen Lucia Ruby) or was worn by a very famous person, gemstones are not a wise investment. Diamond, for example, is like buying a new car. It loses half of its value after it leaves the store. The real value in any piece of jewelry is what you put in it.

Even a twisted twine or twigs could have enormous value if the Pope held and blessed it, if it was used as a prop for a very famous film, if it was from your great, great, great Aunt Matilda's and the only possession that survived with her when she was rescued from the freezing Atlantic ocean when the S.S. Titanic sank. Are you getting my drift here? So to answer the question if Moissanite will be as valuable as diamond over time? It is a resounding YES! Get an engagement ring with a good quality Moissanite in a gold setting and it would be valuable over the years that could be passed down from generation to generation within your family.

Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a ring with a stone that you need a microscope to see because you believe it is rare? Diamonds are one of the most common mineral gemstones mined and tons of it are unearthed every single year.

A rare Halley Reh 84.16 carat DEW

Vivid Blue Square Radiant Cut Moissanite

Jewelry bloggers, connoisseurs, and high-end jewelry experts are selling you the illusion that only naturally occurring gemstones are worthy of the recognition in representing high-end luxury style. They say it's because these gemstones took thousands of years to be formed and it is such a marvel how bright they shine and you now possess the rarest minerals and gemstones found on earth. And so is the rock in your backyard, isn't it? It's one of a kind, and you own it! Is it worth to unearth these minerals regardless of the destruction in our environment and its human inflictions? Is it really worth it?

If they can only understand the science behind the making of Moissanite, it is almost a miracle.

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