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How to Accurately Measure Ring Size Without a Ring Sizer.

So you've been planning to ask the big question and your heart is fluttering every time you imagine how big your partner's eyes will be when you show the ring you've been dreaming to get for her (or him). But how do you know which ring size to get without ruining your surprise of a lifetime? While it is possible to get the ring design that you want from out of a jewelry store's shelf no matter the size, knowing you can always bring it back for corrections, the idea of a "Yes" followed by you inserting the ring on your partner's finger while he or she gushes into tears could not happen perfectly if the ring is too small or too big. It kind of ruins the moment, right?

The big question becomes how can you get the correct ring size without directly asking him or her?

Here are some creative ideas and tips that you can apply to get the information you need without raising suspicion:

The Gumball Machine Technique - There are plenty of inexpensive adjustable rings available in the market. You can get one of these for under $10. Or if you're lucky, you can get one right out of a gumball machine. Either way, you can use the pod and stick the ring in it to give as a fun present. Let her or him try the ring and adjust it to fit. Borrow the ring and see where it stops on your finger. Later when you're alone, take a strip of paper and wrap it around the part of your finger where the ring sat. Make sure that the paper is wrapped around comfortably. Mark the paper where it overlaps with a pen and measure the length of the paper to your mark using a ruler. Make sure that you measure in millimeters and write it down on the paper. If you are buying the ring from a jewelry store, take the strip of paper you used to the jeweler and they will help you from there. If you are buying the ring from an online store, you can go to the page where they have a list of ring sizes and its corresponding millimeter lengths.

Ask Around her or his circle - If you are planning to ask the parents for their blessing to propose, they might know your partner's ring size or they can ask his or her ring size more directly without making it seem like an out-of-place question. Ask her friends to go on a window-shopping where they can go in a jewelry store and try on different jewelry including rings and ask that person to relay their observation to you. This is also a great way to know your partner's design preference if you are not sure which kind of ring design she or he favors. You can even let the jeweler know in advance to expect them and the jeweler can pass on all necessary information to you.

Make her say it without asking - I was once told that dividing a shoe size by two and adding three equals the size of your ring finger. While with friends, let one of them tell her this statement and see if this case is true to him or her. The science doesn’t back up the latter statement, but it's a sure way to figure out her ring size. If you’re careful in framing this event with your circle of friends, it's impossible to even guess that you’re trying to buy her an engagement ring. If the question is coming from someone else, it is less likely to be suspicious.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions on how to accurately measure your ring. 

We offer free one-time ring re-sizing within the first year of your purchase. Best of luck!

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