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Which Engagement Ring Design is The Most Romantic? - A comprehensive guide

Whether you are including your other half or making the sole decision on the ring design that you are proposing with, engagement ring shopping could be one of the most daunting tasks of getting engaged. After all, in a perfect world, it is expected that she or he will wear this ring for the rest of your lives and hopefully pass it on to your favorite child (even though parents are not supposed to have a favorite ; ). With so many ring styles and designs out there, it can be a tedious process to commit to a particular design. But before I delve into more details, I must mention that the first thing to consider is your budget and complete awareness of your sweetheart's individual taste to help you choose the ring design that reflects her style and values. We have a sparkler for every budget, so if you’re planning to propose, read our guide to understand most engagement ring designs.

The solitaire is the most customary style of all engagement rings. It is often mounted in a single band with a prong or claw setting. Though it is the simplest, it is advisable to use the best quality Moissanite stone you can afford to show off its beauty since all focus is directed in just one stone. If you are looking for a simple and elegant ring style, the solitaire is an excellent choice because it stands the test of time and will never go out of style.

Halo engagement ring is currently one of the most popular engagement ring styles. It allows for a moderately-sized center stone look bigger. The surrounding pave-set stones create a dazzling border enhancing the brilliance of the center stone, making it more radiant and shimmery. It also provides a wonderful contrast if you choose a center stone with color. Moissanite gemstone comes in yellow, green, champagne, gray, black and blue.

By definition, a piece of jewelry that is between 50 to 100 years old is considered vintage. But when it comes to vintage engagement rings, it refers to the design that is originated from the Victorian-Edwardian era which has recently become very popular. People with a predilection to old-school, glamourous designs gravitate towards this style of engagement rings. Vintage engagement rings have delicate details, usually with lacy filigree designs, fine chains and floral motifs combining to create a very feminine and romantic feel. Colored center stones were also more frequently used during this time period.

The use of different shapes together, defined as the Art Deco design from the 1920s era is trending. Its bold, geometric patterns still appeal to the modern spirit of our time. The elegance and glamour from the roaring 20's continue to captivate the hearts and sentiments of our modern-day brides and grooms to be proving this design is truly sophisticated and timeless.

Toi et moi is “You and me” in French and in my opinion the most romantic engagement ring design because it represents two souls becoming one.

A classic Toi et moi ring features two similar size, cut and color gemstones that sit side by side or close to each other. But in recent years, more playful designs have emerged with different shapes, colors, sizes, and even gemstones. Some even feature insects such as bees and butterflies with flowers as pictured.

Another meaningful, versatile and romantic design. The 3-stone engagement ring is said to represent your past, present, and future--or you, me and us. The most popular iteration of this design uses a large center stone and two smaller stones on each side. This arrangement is most popularly used with a larger colored stone in the middle accented by two clear stones on each side. Whichever option you choose, this design is as timeless as it is beautiful.

Bezel setting is an excellent choice and the most practical ring setting for the reason that it secures the gemstone much better than a prong. There is lesser risk of the gemstone coming loose or falling out hence it doesn't require as much maintenance. No claws to be checked and tightened over time. However, this type of setting has a tendency to minimize the size of the stone and its brilliance and optical qualities are diminished. However, this setting is more preferred for certain gemstone cuts such as pear, marquise, and princess since it protects the pointed corners and sharp edges from chipping and breaking.

A split shank engagement ring is when the band (shank) is split into two on both sides of the center stone leaving a small gap. This design is one of the many ways the center stone's size is maximized by widening the gap. This ring style is usually accompanied by micro-pave accent stones.

This design is another play on the ring's shank that creates a sense of flow or swirl if you will. It is another romantic design that has an underlying meaning in which the intertwined band symbolizes two halves becoming one. The unique design of this ring is uncommon thus making it stand out from the norm.

The cluster engagement ring features multiple smaller stones clustered together, hence the name. This is a great option to maximize your budget without compromising your style, the quality of the stones and for some design, it may give the illusion of bigger center stone. There are different designs available from the classic round cut cluster to the more modern asymmetrical designs.

This ring style applies pressure using the shank and grooves carved on the metal instead of prongs or bezel to secure the stone in place. It gives the appearance of floating center stone suspended on its own. While you can use different stone shapes for this design, it requires complete customization so it is ideal to choose the shape and size of your center stone first. Given the complexity of the process in setting the stone, resizing means the whole ring will have to be redone, so make sure that you have the ring size correct if you are considering this uniquely styled ring.

When traditional and conventional engagement ring styles aren't what you want, serpentine or wrap around ring design is an unusual but perfect option. This ring style puts a fresh twist on the classic engagement ring by foregoing a center stone with numerous micro-pave set stones for a more modern and contemporary look for your fashionable bride to be.

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