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Still looking for a perfect Engagement Ring? Reasons Why Moissanite is a Better Choice.

Even during the economic slow-down, I hear a lot of people still sentimental with the prospect of getting a diamond ring for an engagement or wedding ring. But is it really worth it?

There are two things that most are looking for in a piece of sentimental jewelry that both of these rings fall under: (1) A design that they're head over heels with and (2) durability--since it will be worn every single day for the rest of their life (well, ideally).

One thing to always remember is that jewelry with sentimental value and jewelry that will add to your asset or has investment value are two different things. Some people are still believing that diamond jewelry is an investment - IT. IS. NOT. A high-quality ring that meets the two criteria mentioned above doesn't need to cost $5,000 a drop. The cost, optical quality, and durability attributes of Moissanite make it much more attractive than diamond for use in any sentimental jewelry including engagement and wedding rings for the following reasons:

  • Almost all Moissanite gemstones are near flawless. Since Moissanite stones used in jewelry are made in a laboratory, it's easy to do quality control. Unlike a natural stone that comes out of the ground, flawed Moissanite can be identified and rejected. This means that the Moissanite you buy is almost guaranteed a much better quality stone than a more expensive naturally occurring diamond.

  • Spending less on Moissanite means you can spend more on its setting that enhances your ring's center stone. Most often, people notice the ring design more than the stone itself. The lower cost of Moissanite means you have more wiggle room for a well-made, customized ring and add accent stones, hand-crafted bands, or choose bezel setting which is usually more expensive than prong setting and secures the stone much better.

  • You won't start your married life in debt. It's often said that financial issues are the biggest cause of arguments and difficulties in a marriage which ultimately leads to divorce. It doesn't make any sense to start your union getting in debt for your wedding, your engagement, or wedding rings. Saving for a house down payment, creating an emergency fund, and putting aside money to invest are all far more important and practical than paying hundreds of dollars a month on interest rates to the lending institution that financed your diamond ring purchase.

  • Since Moissanite is the closest in properties and by far the best diamond alternative compared to any other gemstones, people will easily assume that your ring is made of diamond. Only an experienced jeweler or gemologist equipped with specialized tools will be able to tell the difference. I'm not trying to pass one thing off as the other, but the reality is that people are so brainwashed about diamond engagement rings that everyone who sees your ring will immediately assume that it is diamond. But if you're buying the ring, I don't recommend you buy a Moissanite ring and pass it off as a diamond ring to your fiance. Being dishonest in any way is not a good start for a relationship.

  • Your hard-earned money isn't funding wars, child labor, conflicts, or any other human suffering and illegal activities that are the real cost of mining diamonds. No one is harmed in growing Moissanite, and if you buy Halley Reh Moissanite, we use renewable energy in our laboratory.

If you're in the market for an engagement ring or any sentimental piece of jewelry, I highly recommend that you consider Moissanite first before a diamond. Not because I am paid to write for Halley Reh, but because I've fallen in love with this stone myself!

Best of luck to you and may you and your loved one have a long, prosperous and happy life together!

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