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Should you choose handcrafted or machine-made jewelry?

What is considered handmade jewelry?

Handmade jewelry, as the name suggests, is crafted by hand from start to finish. This is in reference to the creation of the jewelry, usually out of silver, platinum, or gold purely by hand and tools including the prongs and setting where the gemstones are set. This makes for a finer jewelry piece and a stronger finished product because the setting is sculpted around the exact dimensions of the gemstone being used. Since stones are always slightly different from one another, making the setting that is specific to the gemstone will secure it much better.

The process of making jewelry by hand is more personalized not just in the sense that the jewelry is made for a specific person, but also because the jeweler making it is involved from the sourcing of the materials to the packaging of the finished piece. Crafted designer jewelry is typically made by true artists, with great love and passion for their work and treats each piece as a work of art. This love and pride of one's work do come across in the finished product.

Jewelry Gifting

While not many people would turn down any piece of jewelry that is gifted to them, giving one that is handcrafted can often make a better impression. As these jewelry pieces are one of a kind, the wearer knows that it was made with just them in mind.

The things we wear conveys who we are. When we put on a piece of jewelry, we are often trying to make a statement. Whether this revelation meant to tell others something, or simply has a personal meaning to us, our style of clothing and jewelry tells other people what we stand for. Fine jewelry is an emotional purchase. We buy these special trinkets to remember someone, mark a milestone, celebrate a special occasion, or reward ourselves for a job well done. The fact that jewelry is very sentimental, buying a piece that is designed to please the many takes some of its personal value. Mass-produced jewelry pieces are not created for any specific person but it is made to appeal to many people. In many cases, machine-made jewelry has less personality compared to something handmade.

One's personalized style, taste, individuality, and identity are better conveyed by wearing jewelry that is personally handcrafted for them.

Still can't make up your mind? Ask yourself this: If you are dropping thousands of dollars for a jewelry, would you rather get something that is personalized--a unique piece, hand made just for you--or something that you can find in just about any jewelry store you walk into?

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