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Practical Advise in Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring


You've always dreamt of wearing the perfect engagement ring, and it's finally coming true. The question is, which ring will it be? Choosing the ring that you will forever love is nothing short of a daunting task. Here are some proven steps that could help you find just the perfect one...

Collect pictures of rings that you find interesting

Ideas could come from a window display, from a ring you've seen in a movie, or from a ring you've seen in magazines. Of course there is always online research, visit the website of your most favorite jewelry store, find inspiration on Pinterest, Etsy and wedding magazines. This will give you some direction as to what type of ring you are most drawn to.

The 4c and S - Cost, Cut, Color, Clarity and SPARKLE!

Now that you have a pretty good idea as to what style of engagement ring you are looking for, the next thing to consider is the stone. As expected, your first instinct must be a diamond....but then again, does it, really?? Is it worth to splurge $10,000 for a stone that you can barely see on your finger? Don't think that buying a diamond is a good investment because it will hold its value, it won't. The value of your ring is from its sentimental worth, not its monetary value because just like any other consumer products, diamond loses its value by half as soon as it leaves the counter.

What shape of stone are you most drawn to? Are you going for the classic round solitary or are you going for the more Avant Garde shapes like lozange (kite) or marquise? Do you want the center stone to be clear or with color? Colored gems in engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. It once became popular when Princess Diana was proposed to with a blue Sapphire and it's popular again because of the same ring that now belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge. Most celebrity engagement rings ranges in color from yellow to pink and of course blue. Consequently, we have seen an increase in the sales of yellow, green and gray loose Moissanite stones to be used for custom engagement rings.

Unlike diamond where the clarity of the stone is a huge determining factor of its price, most Moissanite gemstones are sold with VS-VVS2 clarity since it is very easy to weed-out the roughs that has a lot of inclusions. Last but definitely not the least, is the SPARKLE! Why? Because it all boils down to this one characteristic of an engagement ring gemstone. After the style, the sparkle of the gemstone is what will make you look at your ring over and over and over again. Moissanite is known to have unparalleled brilliance and sparkle compared to any other gemstones including diamond.

The Metal of Choice

Now that you know the style, the color and the stone that you want to use on your ring, the next thing to take into consideration is the metal. Since this is your "forever ring" you must choose a band that is hypo-allergenic, comfortable and in the color of metal that you want. Most will opt for gold, but did you know that there are several different shades of gold?

Of course you know there is yellow, white and rose gold, but at what intensity? Are you going for the screaming yellow gold or a more tamed white? Would you like a shiny platinum or more on the pewter gray side? When choosing the metal for your ring, not only should it compliment the color of your center stone but also compliment your skin tone. Yellow gold gives warmth but white gold will go with any gemstone color.

Protect your ring

Now that you've made your choices and you're ready to bring your loved one to the store, you must consider the warranty that is offered with your purchase. No matter what gemstone you choose, regular wear and tear of putting it on everyday could result to damages such as accumulation of dirt, scratches on the band and loosening of the prongs are inevitable. A good warranty should cover these regular maintenance. You may also consider purchasing an insurance with your ring. By paying a monthly premium that cost less than a cup of coffee, you can sleep tight knowing that if your ring is stolen, the stone came loose or chipped that you are covered and you could get a replacement in no time without having to worry about where to get the thousands of dollars you need to buy a new one, especially when it is not in your budget.

Best of luck on your ring hunt!

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