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Moissanite Are Girl's New BFF

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Eclectic Moissanite Ring
Eclectic 3-Stone Moissanite Ring with Princess, Round & Marquee Brilliant Cut Stones 3.22ctw total set in 18k Yellow Gold. Bezel Set

Once you go down the Moissanite path, there's no turning back.

Discovered from a mineral that is literally out of this world, Moissanite is rare because it only comes from meteorites that have crashed on earth. Though the jewelry industry is using lab grown and cultured Moissanite, there are only a handful of companies that have mastered the process of producing the highest quality stones that are colorless or have very, very slight inclusions. Our signature stone "Halley Reh" possess the highest quality DEF colorless, VVS1 clarity with perfectly symmetrical facets giving the maximum brilliance and fire, much more so than diamonds.

You don't need a celebrity size pay check to afford this bauble.

  • Why is Moissanite always compared to a diamond? Because their physical appearance and heat conductivity are extremely similar. Moissanite is the second hardest mineral at 9.25 in Mohs scale. Diamond is a close 9.75. Both gemstones' fire and brilliance are enigmatic. Moissanite produces a rainbow of colors when light hits its facets which according to most people are mesmerizing. Moissanite passes as a diamond when using a high-accuracy diamond tester. But unlike a diamond, Moissanite is far more affordable. Giving consumers the same quality that most like in a diamond at a much friendlier price.

  • Why is Moissanite a better choice than a diamond? Because Moissanite is affordable, earth friendly, durable, hard to scratch and never loses its shine. Because of Moissanite's high brilliance, people are more mesmerized by its properties than diamonds. Its incredibly high light dispersion surpasses diamond two and a half times. It is a jewel that could be pass down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Diamonds are not as valuable as one may think. Diamonds are expensive not because they are rare. Diamonds are the most common precious stone that is mined on earth. They are expensive because of a brilliant marketing tactic and they are more popular because of the catchy phrase "A diamond is forever" that a company coined to sell more of this commodity. Commonly, people would think that diamonds are a good investment. But just like a brand new car, diamonds lose a large chunk of its value once it leaves the store.

  • Are Moissanites the same as Lab Grown Diamond? Although Moissanite and lab grown diamond are both made in a laboratory, Moissanite is a completely different gemstone. Diamond is made of carbon where as Moissanite is made of silicon carbide. Moissanite is not a "fake diamond" just like Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds are not fake diamond. Any of these precious stones could be used as a substitute center stones for any jewelry including engagement rings but they are all different. Moissanite is a truly magnificent gemstone in its own right.

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