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Still want to surprise your partner but not sure which style he or she wants?  Try our multi-ring proposal!  You can choose anywhere from 2 to 6 styles of rings which will be placed in our

multi-ring proposal box and use it to propose to your special someone.  You still get the thrill of a surprise while being thoughtful of your partner's choice.

It's a win-win!

purple box2.jpg

Choose up to 6 different styles of rings to propose with and let him or her choose the style that he or she likes best. 


After making a decision of the style that you would like to order, the ring will be made with the metal of your choice and our newly harvested Halley Reh Moissanite gemstone. 

Please Contact Us for any questions or for more information about this program.

The shipping cost is free and the cost of the samples is fully deducted from your order amount. 

A pre-paid return envelope is included with each sample order.  Please read our  

Ring Sample Return Policy

for more information.

Sample rings are made with silver or gold plated shaft and high-quality cubic zirconia stones. 

* Please note that the samples are about 40% lighter than solid gold and Cubic Zirconia has a different brilliance and color dispersion than Moissanite.

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